Allegations of Pre-Election Violence: BJP Leader Shubhendu Adhikari Raises Concerns

Before the election, the opposition leader of the state and BJP leader Shubhendu Adhikari roared again. He alleged that BJP workers were attacked.

Writing in X Handle, Shubhendu Adhikari stated, ‘There is bloodshed in politics in Bengal again before the Lok Sabha elections. BJP workers in the cunning former legislature have been attacked and tortured by TMC goons.

Hossain Sheikh, a close associate of the former cunning legislator of the BJP, Saokat Molla, notorious for his Sheikh Shahjahan-like fame, has committed heinous crimes. Several workers of the cunning former mandal, including the 3rd editor and mandal president of the cunning, were seriously injured. They have been admitted to the cunning district hospital for treatment. I urge the Election Commission to work now if they want to prevent the repetition of violence in the 2021 elections and resist the bloodshed in Bengal’s 2023 panchayat elections. Please keep people like Hossain Sheikh under surveillance as he holds the machinery of silent voting. Ensuring fair and impartial elections is the only way.’