US Issues Major Nuclear Weapons Alert Amid Fears of All-Out War: ‘If That Day Comes…’

Source: Hindustan Times

Washington, D.C. – In a significant development, the White House has issued a stark warning, indicating that the United States may need to expand its nuclear weapons arsenal in response to the rapid advancements in nuclear capabilities by Russia, China, and North Korea.

Speaking to the Arms Control Association on Friday, Pranay Vaddi, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Arms Control at the White House, highlighted the escalating threat. “Absent a change in adversary arsenals, we may reach a point in the coming years where an increase from current deployed numbers is required. We need to be fully prepared to execute if the president makes that decision,” Vaddi stated.

Vaddi underscored the necessity of enhancing the U.S. nuclear arsenal to deter adversaries and ensure the safety of the American populace, as well as that of Washington’s allies and partners. His comments come amidst intensifying tensions between the United States, Russia, and China, which have heightened concerns about a potential full-scale conflict. In May, Russia conducted strategic nuclear arms training in retaliation to what it described as provocative statements and threats from Western officials.

Russian media has consistently issued threats of nuclear strikes against Western nations, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Vaddi noted that China, Russia, and North Korea are “expanding and diversifying their nuclear arsenals at a breakneck pace, showing little or no interest in arms control.” He also pointed out the increasing cooperation among these countries, with the assistance of Iran, in ways that undermine peace and stability, threaten the U.S. and its closest allies, and exacerbate regional tensions. This collaboration includes sharing missile and drone technology.

The alert from the U.S. follows a recent warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this week, Putin indicated that Russia could deploy conventional missiles within range of Western powers after several countries authorized Ukraine to use their weapons against Russian military targets on its own territory for the first time. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, when asked if Russia should hold a “nuclear pistol to the temple” of the West, Putin responded, “I don’t think that such a case has come. There is no such need,” referencing the use of nuclear weapons.

In a separate development, former U.S. President Donald Trump, in an interview with Fox News, described nuclear war as a “bigger threat” to the United States than climate change.

As of 2023, Russia possesses the largest nuclear arsenal globally. According to a Reuters report, the United States has adhered to the limit of 1,550 strategic nuclear warheads set by the 2010 New START treaty with Moscow.