PM Modi’s Southern Outreach: Highlights of BJP’s Campaign in South India Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently finished a fast-paced tour of South India. He held a big procession in Kerala and a public meeting in Tamil Nadu. This was part of the BJP’s efforts to connect with the people in the southern states before the Lok Sabha elections in a month.

During the past five days, Modi visited all the southern states, had processions, campaigned strongly for his party, and criticized his opponents, especially the ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu and the BRS in Telangana, which had been in power for 10 years. He also intensified his criticism of the opposition alliance in India, particularly targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s recent remarks.

Modi has been making frequent visits to various southern places in the past few months, traveling extensively across the region to strengthen the BJP’s presence. Along with official duties, he has also visited Hindu religious sites.